Fleece Mens Heated Vest Battery Pack Included + 2nd Battery. Up to 20 hours heat

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$149.99 USD $77.86 USD
  • Double the Warmth, Double the Fun: Badass Moto cozy polar fleece heated vest for men with battery pack included and womens heated vest with battery pack included mean you're ready for long rides or outdoor treks. We even give you an extra spare battery which is perfect for those long days out, especially in chilly places like Milwaukee.
  • Your Comfort, Your Control: With '13 heat zones and independent area heat control', our mens heated vest with battery pack and charger cables let you decide exactly how much warmth you need. Whether it's the 'heated vest women with battery pack included' or for men, you’re in charge of your own cozy thermostat with up to 64 possible heat combinations.
  • Smart Efficient Heat: Our battery heated vest for women with battery pack included features smart energy use. On High It heats up fast then reduces to a cozy warmth so you get more heat with less power, meaning your outdoor adventures last longer. Of course you have full control and can easliy override the smart settings anytime you want to.
  • Expandable sides Fit Great & are Perfect Under Motorcycle Jackets or for Hunting Trips: The slim design of our heated vests for men is ideal under motorcycle jackets, while their robust build is great for hunting. Just as good for women, you get a sleek comfortable fit without sacrificing warmth. Plus we've made sure they expand up a size to accommodate bulky sweaters and fit more than one size range too. Check out our size Chart.
  • Badass Moto Vests come with a family promise of quality: We're an American family operated business that cares. Each battery powered heated vest comes with a commitment to durability, easy care, and post-sale support. We've been making quality gear since 2014, and every electric vest is a testament to our dedication.
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