Summer Balaclava Face Mask Men

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$24.99 USD $16.97 USD
  • ★ THE AVERAGE FULL FACE MASK IS often either TOO LOOSE OR TOO TIGHT, falling down when you put it on or making it TOUGH TO BREATHE THROUGH. At Badass Moto, we construct our Balaclava Face Mask out of HIGHLY STRETCHABLE, BREATHABLE MATERIAL that adjusts easily to your face – so WHEN YOU PULL IT ON, IT STAYS ON. Our comfortable face masks provide durable, stay-put coverage like a super breathable SECOND SKIN, so you can put them on, adjust, and simply FORGET THEY’RE THERE.
  • ★ UNLIKE FACE COVERS THAT FEEL WAY TOO HEAVY and STIFLING, our cooling face masks are made with high-tech COOLMAX fabric, an 80% polyester / 20% spandex combo that’s super lightweight and breathable for your ULTIMATE COMFORT. Ideal for warmer weather and HOT CLIMATES, our cool face mask cloth is also moisture-wicking – meaning it WICKS SWEAT off of the face and neck and pulls it to the surface of the lightweight face mask for quick evaporation. NO MORE SOGGY, SWEATY fabric masks!
  • ★ PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE ELEMENTS – whether you’re taking your hog on the open road, BIKING down a mountain trail, or at work at a CONSTRUCTION site, this sports mask is easy to wear under all types of gear, from sports and bike HELMETS to HARD HATS. Our cool masks provide protection from DUST, INSECTS, AEROSOLS, and the sun’s UV RAYS – all while keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable.
  • ★ WEAR IT A VARIETY OF WAYS! This breathable mask can be worn for FULL COVERAGE with just the eyes exposed, BANDANA-STYLE with the nose, neck and mouth covered, as a HELMET LINER, as a protective mask with the nose and mouth covered, or as a neck GAITER mask – the options go on and on! Our cool face masks eye openings are CUT WIDER for better visibility, too. Perfect for riding or SUN PROTECTION, this black face mask for women and men is also EASY TO WASH, and quick to dry!
  • ★ AT BADASS MOTO, WE BELIEVE LIFE IS SHORT AND MEANT TO BE LIVED – NOT WASTED. We’re committed to making our customers’ lives fun with fewer hassles – and that means providing DURABLE, HIGH-QUALITY GEAR that does the job right, so you can focus on the task at hand. If for any reason you don’t love your large face mask for men and women, just REACH OUT TO US DIRECTLY so we can make it right. We make our customers our TOP PRIORITY, no matter what.

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