Paracord Headrest Grab Handles for Jeep Wrangler

Suggested Retail Price

$24.99 USD
  • Sturdy and Fun Passenger Seat Handle set. Your Passengers (and kids) will love holding on to these compatible with jeep handles paracord. Perfect used for Jeep wrangler headrest grab handles when you go off roading. Includes Set of 2 for Jeep handles Grab. Automotive support handles are perfect for those oh Sh*t moments when the trail gets crazy, or anytime you-know-who is driving and passengers might want to hang on!
  • Color Reversible to Suit your Style! Looks Amazing in your SUV. You decide if you want to use these compatible with jeep grab handles jk red so they show red with black trim, or reverse them it for showing black with red trim. Either way, these high-quality paracord handle jeep compatible grips are made to impress. Your friends will love using the intended for jeep handle and you will enjoy the look as well as how well these for jeep jku grab handles function.
  • Easy to Install in about a minute. Looking for reversible paracord jeep wrangler grab handles ? Just pull off the headrest, slide the loops of the fits jeep grab handle over the prongs, replace your headrest with the for jeep handles paracord installed and enjoy the wrangler handles! You're done! These for Jeep handles paracord are compatible with all models: For jeep grips, for Jeep gladiator grab handles, for Jeep JK grab handles, JL, TJ, JKU , Unlimited, cj grips, and more.
  • Your Passengers will be more Comfortable. We all know sometimes it can get bumpy on the trail. These handles fit easily in the hand and are a nice place to hold on to when going down the road, or the road less traveled. Passengers appreciate having the extra grip.
  • A back seat Handle set is a Great Gift backed by an American Family operated brand you can trust. When you buy these headrest grip paracord handles for Jeep wrangler accessories grab one set for yourself and one for someone special on your list. We hope you love these new jk red grab handles paracord designs and are here to support you after the sale.


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