Motorcycle Kickstand Pad Orange

Suggested Retail Price

$13.95 USD $9.99 USD

The Badass Moto Kickstand Pad is a simple and uncomplicated must-have product for any motorcycle enthusiast that protects your valuable investment and is useful in so many everyday parking situations.

This is possibly the most valuable accessory you can get for your bike.

Makes a great gift too. Whether you call it a Kickstand plate, pad, coaster or rest, to use this little stand is easy!

Just rest your kickstand on the pad when you park your bike.

Fits and works great for all styles of motorcycle from compact sport bikes & adventure bikes to Harley Davidson & other big cruisers.

It even works well for extra-large touring bikes like Honda Goldwings.

One end is pre-drilled and ready for you to attach a tether or string if you choose for even easier pickup when ready to ride and additional drive-away prevention.

Also suitable for scooters with side stands..


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