Long 3D Mesh Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Suggested Retail Price

$59.99 USD $36.86 USD
  • ✅ MORE COMFORT ON LONG RIDES. Unlike a motorcycle gel seat pad, or a foam, beaded or sheepskin motorcycle seat cover which are expensive, require high maintenance, or just compress and leave you in agony, Badass Moto 3D air mesh breathable motorcycle seat cushion is a buddy for your butt. Low cost, no maintenance way to make your motorcycle more comfortable so you can enjoy a long ride.
  • ✅ STOPS HOT SEAT. Circulates air to keep you cool. Are you tired of having your motorcycle seat foam or gel motorcycle seat cushion stick to your butt & make you sweat on a hot day? Or burning you when you get on? Badass moto gear mesh seat pad motorcycle is a cool cushion for motorcycle seat that helps flow air while you ride. Keeps you noticably cooler. Breathable mesh material makes for great sun seat covers. Stays cool even in the hot sun so you won't burn your butt when you get on.
  • ✅ RELIEVES MINOR PRESSURE POINTS. Springy mesh cushions won't change riding position. Most other motorcycle cushion pads for seat are thick and raise you up like a hawk or strain your back. Our Badass Moto motorcycle air seat cushion has just enough support to prevent light pressure points, and is low profile so you stay in your natural most comfortable riding position .
  • ✅ NON SLIP underside stays put so you won't slide on your seat. Easy install or remove in about a minute with adjustable elastic straps. No inserts, pump or tools to mess with. Fits most sport/touring seats up to 29 inches long. Open mesh protector drains & sheds water and dries almost instantly so you won't get a soggy bottom if your bike gets wet. Compact size motorcycle accessory packs easily.
  • ✅ TRY THIS FIRST BEFORE risking an expensive custom motorcycle seat. You could SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. Improves comfort in most cases. If it makes you more comfortable you'll feel savvy like a hawk and can put that extra money toward some other motorcycle accessories instead. It's a no brainer. Compatible with Honda motorcycle, indian ,Gsxr. Satsifaction 100% Guaranteed & Product is Backed by a US Based Motorcycle rider operated Business you can Trust.


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