Skull Cap Beanie for Men and Women [2 Pack]

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$24.99 USD $17.86 USD
  •  ★ WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HEAD CAP, don’t settle for brands that use CHEAP, FLIMSY material with ZERO INSULATION or COOLING POWER. The Badass Moto Helmet Liner Skullcap Beanie is uniquely designed using Coolmax fabric, a premium custom blend that adjusts to your BODY TEMPERATURE and WICKS SWEAT away from skin, pulling moisture to the surface for efficient evaporation – so you STAY COOL and DRY in any climate.
  • ★ UNLIKE OTHER SKULL CAPS for women and men that are TOO LOOSE, SHIFTING AROUND under your helmet and FALLING OFF, our womens and mens skull caps feature MULTI-WAY STRETCH material that forms to your unique head size and shape, so it feels like a SECOND SKIN. Highly durable, this cooling head wrap for men and women bounces back after wear, HOLDING ITS SHAPE and delivering solid protection and smooth, SOFT COMFORT all day long.
  • ★ SUPERIOR COMFORT AND PROTECTION. Our skullcap has temperature-regulating technology that KEEPS YOU COOL in hot weather, and adds just enough WARMTH in cold climates to ensure your comfort. And while many sweat caps for men and women are too tight or thick to wear under your MOTORCYCLE HELMET or bike helmet, pinching pressure points and causing discomfort, you’ll barely notice our THIN, LIGHTWEIGHT cooling skull cap under your helmet – it’s that COMFY.
  • ★ FOR A CLEAN, LONG-WEARING HELMET – Our skull cap for men and women prevents helmet HOT SPOTS, keeps sweat out of your eyes, and minimizes HELMET HAIR, so you can stay cool, dry and comfortable under your helmet motorcycle or bike. This sweat cap helps you maintain a CLEAN HELMET LINING, without grunging it up with sweat, dirt, and grime. This bike cap 2-PACK includes 1 black and 1 gray sweat cap, so you ALWAYS HAVE A SPARE on hand.
  • ★ AT BADASS MOTO, WE BELIEVE LIFE IS SHORT – LIVE IT, DON’T WASTE IT. As a small, FAMILY-OPERATED business here in the USA, we’re passionate about motorcycle and ATV POWERSPORTS. Just like our customers, we love our toys and design the gear we would want to use ourselves – so you can MAKE THE MOST of your time with your machines. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your head caps for men and women, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY so we can make it right. 


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